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YouTube To Sunset Video Editor & Photo Slideshows On September 20

In a post in the YouTube help forum, video creators will not be able to access the site's Video Editor or Photo slideshows as of September 20, 2017. The reason for this feature's closing, according to YouTube, is because of limited usage. “We’re retiring them to focus our efforts on building new tools and improving on [...]

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After Windows 10 Bump & Yahoo Deal, Microsoft’s Search Revenue Growth Looks Stagnant

It's been reported by Microsoft that search advertising revenue has increased by 8 percent year over year, growing by $124 million, in the company's quarterly earnings report released Thursday. If we were to take traffic acquisition costs (TAC) out of the equation , search advertising revenue was up 10 percent year over year in the fourth quarter of its [...]

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YouTube Using Redirect Method Technology To Fight Terrorist Video Content In Search Results

YouTube, in their fight against terrorist video content, has announced it has rolled out a new search feature based on the Redirect Method that was designed by Jigsaw, the Google tech incubtor. In the announcement, YouTube will display a playlist of videos that is aimed at debunking "violent extremist recruiting" content when people search for certain keywords. [...]

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Is the New, Most Powerful Ranking Factor “Searcher Task Accomplishment?” – Whiteboard Friday

Looking at ranking factors, we have several of them, including links content and RankBrain, but it seems that there is now another one, and its searcher task accomplishment.  Searcher task accomplishment is a compelling argument for how we should be optimzing our sites.  Are they solving the problems searchers seek answers for?  In this episode [...]

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Top European Court To Decide If Google Needs To Purge Disputed Links From Global Index

There is a top European court that will now decide whether Google must remove “right to be forgotten” (RTBF) links from its global search index.  Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), the French data protection authority, argued previously that RTBF can be defeated when disputed content remains in Google's global index. CNIL demanded, back in 2015, that [...]

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Amazon Prime Day’s Surprising Effects On Google AdWords Performance

Prime Day is the largest ales day of the year for Amazon, growing more than 60 percent YoY and has even surpassed last year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  These numbers are according to Amazon.  Because of the shopping activity, a lot of retailers are seeing ripple effects across different marketing channels that stem from Amazon's big [...]

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