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Quora Launches Retargeting For Advertisers

There is a brand new ads platform that was launched by Quora that now supports retargeting ads on the question-and-answer network. The news that Quora advertisers were now able to create audience segments of past site visitors for ad targeting on Quora was announced on Thursday.  The targeting is powered by Quora conversion pixel.   In order to take [...]

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Dynamic Search Ads Pilot In Bing Ads Now Open To All US Advertisers

Bing Ads has been testing Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), and now, they are expanding it to the US advertisers.  The test is now available in the US users. From Thursday’s announcement: DSA is designed to help advertisers increase their impression volume, increase search term coverage and drive incremental clicks and conversions, while reducing the burdens of [...]

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Facebook Copies Instagram’s Live Stories, Boomerangs With In-App Camera Update

  Instagram has replaced Snapchat as Facebook’s muse. On August 15, Facebook added some of the Facebook-owned Instagram's features to their own mobile apps, such as a different take on Live Stories and Boomerangs, through an update to its in-app camera, called Camera. Live Video In Stories It seems that the biggest and most notable feature is the addition of live [...]

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Labels Are Coming To Bing Ads & Bing Ads Editor

Bing Ads is in the process of rolling out customizable, color-coded labels globally over the next few weeks. Labels can be applied at the campaign, ad group, ad and keyword levels to aid in account management and analysis, just like in AdWords.  Items can have up to 50 labels associated with it. Bing Ads users are able [...]

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Oversimplifying SEO Is Dangerous: Here’s Why

Even in heaven there are no short cuts. And so it goes for SEO. Google gets more complex and sophisticated with each passing year, and yet many still want to believe that there are "magic bullet" hacks or tricks that are simple ways to get higher search rankings. In this episode of the popular Here's [...]

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Report: ‘Asset Tracking’ Now A Primary Use Case For Indoor Location And Beacons

Unacast, a proximity and beacon data platform has released its Q2 Proximity.Directory report.  This report does more than just talking about marketing use cases.  It looks at how proximity sensors are being deployed for "asset tracking" (people and places) across industries like logistics, healthcare, manufacturing and others. In the report, there is discussion on the ways [...]

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AdWords App-Install Campaigns To Sunset As Universal App Campaigns Take Over

Google's Universal App Campaigns (UAC) was launched about two years ago in order to help developers drive app downloads.  Since its release, UAC and AdWords app-install campaigns have co-existed together. Google is now moving all app-install ads under the UAC umbrella.  According to Google, as of October 16, app-install campaigns will be running as UAC ads.  The current app-install campaigns will [...]

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