google-mobile-smartphones-blue-ss-1920-800x450It’s now April 23rd.  It’s been a few days since Mobilegeddon has rained down its mighty fist of death among the masses of websites.  (Ok, so I’m being a little dramatic…)  In the days leading up to the dreaded April 21st deadline, as stated by Google, there were undoubtedly some people who began to sweat, ring their hands in worry, and hope they could get their website up to snuff before Mobilegeddon struck.

But the big day has come and gone, and what many of us may be wondering, what’s the fallout looking like?

So as of this writing, we’ve had a full two days to experience the beginning wraith of Google’s Mobile Update (which is still in the process of rolling out), and an important question has arisen.  How are we looking so far?  Have the precious rankings of thousands of web pages gone down the tubes with a single flush?  Or are the rankings looking pretty decent at this point?

No matter how things are going to turn out over the course of the next few weeks as the Mobile Update rolls out,  It seems that, according to an article by Dr. Peter J. Meyers, things are looking OK, at least for the moment.

In his article, 1 Day After Mobilegeddon: How Far Did the Sky Fall?, takes a look at Google’s update, and compares it to MozCast’s readings to see what kind of impact the update is having on the search results overall.  The good thing with Pete’s post is that it’ll be updated periodically as new data pours in.  So make sure check in regularly over the next few weeks to see what happens to everybody’s mobile rankings!

Again, here’s the post that you can visit to see how things are going with Google’s mobile-friendly update:

1 Day After Mobilegeddon: How Far Did the Sky Fall?