twitter-hashtags-tweet-1024x936I hear Twitter is apparently a “thing” among marketers and social media buffs.  In the world of Twtter, there is this thing called the hashtag.  I’m sure some of you folks have heard of it.  Well, the National Geographic Channel decided to  make a big impact for it’s 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK by building excitement on Twitter.

Net Geo utilized Twitter-savvy celebrities, Twitter TV, and a ton of visual assets to reach over 520 thousand followers.  Sufficed to say, the campaign worked, and worked well.  When the show premiered on November 10th, the hastag #KillingKennedy was the number on trending topic on Twitter in the U.S.

How did Net Geo net such a successful run using Twitter?   has written a piece on Marketing Land where Katy Anadale, the director for Digital Marketing for the National Geographic Channel, told how they were able to create such a successful Twitter campaign.

What did it take to run such a campaign?  Check out the following link to find out.

Article: How To Be The #1 Trending Hashtag on Twitter:  Lessons From Nat Geo’s #KillingKennedy Campaign