41ZKpf-9vqLWhen you’re trying to differentiate yourself from the marketing competition, you’ll find that it can be a pretty difficult task to complete.  You’ll find plenty of creative advertising ads spread across the web, and it’ll find you scratching  your head wondering how can you compete with that?  When creating memorable content that is designed to set you apart from all of these other competitors, it’ll be a major hurdle to overcome.  Now, with the addition of viral content, things get even more complicated.

This is where you may have to get a little…weird with your content, in order to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Let’s be clear though.  You don’t want to alienate your audience with stuff that’s considered “too weird.”  You don’t want to be looked down upon as creepy or anything.  What you want to do though is creating content that is funny, quirky, and on the weird side that an help our brand create not only a competitive advantage, but also assist you in reaching those marketing goals.

There is a post on Search Engine Journal that gives us a little inspiration, and shows us content that is “out there.”  It’s written by Albert Costill, and can be found by following the link provided below.

Search Engine Journal: 10 Brands Who Got Weird to Achieve Their Marketing Goals