10 Ideas: How To Fix A Damning Business Review

Bad reviews are good for business In almost any business, the greatest thing you could get in return is the highest customer ratings and great customer reviews as possible.  Naturally, this is completely understandable.  Not only do you want your customers to leave happy, but you want them to be satisfied enough to want to come back again for repeat business.

These days, there seems to be no more sensitive online reputation topic than business reviews and ratings.  It’s even gone as far as companies threatening to sue customers over reviews, or even fire employees who caused customers to give the business a bad Yelp review.  There was even the story of Michelin-rated chefs who allegedly committed suicide when facing the loss of a single star rating.

To many businesses, their star ratings in Google and Bing are very important to them.  It’s an online symbol of their reputation.  Even losing a bit of that reputation could cost that business quite a bit of reputation, and in the end, money.

There is Search Engine Land post, written by , who has listed 10 different ideas for turning around collective negative reviews and addressing those bad reviews that could possible tank your business.

If you want to check out these 10 ideas, follow the link I’ve provided below and find out how you can deal with bad online customer reviews.

Search Engine Land: 10 Ideas: How To Fix A Damning Business Review