top_tenWe are six months in to 2014, and there has been some pretty big paid search developments done in the SEO arena.  More ads are being put into Google’s Knowledge Graph, Bing is combining tablet and desktop traffic.  Paid search queries will be stripped by Google from referrer strings.

That’s a lot of big stuff, and we’re only half way through the year.  Can you imagine what could happen by this December?  It’ll certainly be interesting to find out, won’t it?

 put up a post on Search Engine Land that lists the ten biggest announcements and changes that has come from Bing Ads and Google AdWords since the beginning of this year.

What could these announcements have been?  Don’t you just love lists?  To check our Ginny’s list, just follow the link below and read on!

Search Engine Land: The 10 Most Important Paid Search Developments So Far In 2014