10 Lays To Generate Links With Online Influencers

Many of us thing that nobody wants to share our content.  But, in reality, it’s quite the opposite.  Because they post so often, online influencers are always looking for interesting content to share.  You just need to do is research, create and position the right content opportunities to influencers so they’ll want to begin working with you.

But, if you aren’t sure what sort of angle your organization should be taking to work with these influencers, you may want to consider these angles:

  1. Unique content sharing
  2. Product promotion
  3. Sponsorships and relationship building

Another good idea is to be familiar with the FTC Guidelines surrounding influencer disclosures, as well as Google’s guidelines on the issues.

If you can create fresh content that interests and engages influnecers, they’ll want to share.  Besides “how-to” videos, you may want to think about creating studies and long-form content and developing discussions that push industry issues.  It would behoove you to make sure your content takes a different angle that is different from everyone else’s, whether it’s a point of view or a niche topic.

According to research by Sumo, only 20 percent of all content is even read on average.   has a post on Search Engine Land where he shares some ways you can bring in more readers.

[Read the full article here on Search Engine Land]

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