mythsIt seems that nobody is immune to believing in certain myths these days.  This doesn’t exclude local business owners and even large chain story companies when it comes to online marketing.  There are some of these individuals who have latched onto certain myths, despite the fact they have absolutely no basis in truth.  Because of this it’s possible that these businesses aren’t doing nearly as well as they could because of their belief in these myths.

There is a ton of new information coming out of the woodwork in every industry, so it makes sense that it can be difficult to keep up with such a large flow of information for any business.  It can be quite overwhelming for anyone.  It doesn’t help when search engines are making daily algorithm changes.  This means that marketing tactics that worked yesterday won’t work today.

For many reasons like this, there are always going to be myths about online local marketing.  This means that it’s always going to be possible that an unfortunate business is going to believe in some marketing myth or another.  In the end, it could end up stunting the growth of their business.

 has written up a list of ten local marketing myths that will be familiar to many of us.  With this list, you can now abolish them and break through the myth barrier and soar to greater heights.  Just follow the link below to Search Engine Land and check out his list!

Search Engine Land: 10 Local Marketing Myths Hamstringing Your Business