10 Most Important PPC Trends To Know In 2022

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PPC is pretty important for your marketing efforts since it allows you get pay to help get your ads out there for the world to see (or to be specific, your audience). The importance of PPC also rests on a businesses’ ability to accurately read their data, make adjustments to ad campaigns, wait for new data to come in, and then measure the effectiveness of their changes. This field of advertising is very data rich, and gives marketers a very granular level of data, and ad control.

But just like many other things, you’re going to find a variety of different trends in the PPC arena of SEO. In this situation, what would you consider the most important PPC trends we will be facing over the next year?

Search Engine Journal has been covering PPC trends for a handful of years now, and they’re back with the latest iteration of this annual happening. They reached out to some PPC experts to see what they think are going to be the biggest trends of 2022.

SEJ has listed the top ten PPC trends you’ll want to know about for 2021 according to 23 different experts!

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