A study from Pew Research Center on Twitter usage among US adults has found that there is a disproportionate amount of users who are responsible for the greatest share of tweets. They even analyze the demographics and attitudes of Twitter’s most active users.

Findings from the study are based on survey responses from 2,791 US adult Twitter users.

Most of the content that is posted by US users on Twitter is from a small number of accounts.

In the study, 80% of all tweets published by people in the US are from 10% of users.

To compare the the median user, the average person tweets about twice a month.

According to the study, 10% of the most active users are more likely women.

Data shows that they follow, and are followed by, significantly more accounts than less active Twitter users.

With a median of 138 tweets per month, it isn’t really much of a surprise that the most active users are on Twitter once a day or more.

American adult Twitter users are said to differ in significant ways from those who don’t use Twitter.

Twitter users are much younger than average when compared to the average US adult. They’re almost three times as likely to be younger than 50 (73%) as to be 50 or older (27%).

US adult Twitter users are more likely to have a college degree. 42% have at least a bachelor’s degree. But, the overall share of the public with that level of education is 31%.

Also, there is a greater percentage of US Twitter users that are reporting a household income above $75,000 compared to the general population (41% vs. 32%).

Pew’s research was conducted on Nov. 21, 2018, through Dec. 17, 2018, among 2,791 US adult Twitter users.

Source – Matt Southern