WebFor those who partook in the Local Search Association’s (#LSA14) 2014 annual conference last month, in Huntington Beach, California, you know that there was a smorgasbord of local advertising leaders that had gathered together to explore and discuss anything and everything in local search.  What sort of things were talked about at the conference?  What are some of things you could take away from the event that could be used in an SEO’s every day campaign work?

In Search Engine Land article written by , you’ll find his top ten takeaways from the conference on the core opportunities and challenges that local marketers and advertisers ought to be considering.  Where is local advertising headed?  As a local marketer, how will you succeed in a marketplace that is not just changing, but is doing so at an incredible speed?

Check out Neg’s post by following the link below and see if there’s anything you could use as a strategy in your marketing campaign.

Search Engine Land: 10 Takeaways From #LSA14 On The Future Of Local Advertising