learningLearning through experience can be one of the most valuable things that can happen in life.  You can do all the reading you want, watch all the videos you want, and sure, you’ll learn stuff.  But there is no better teacher than experience.  Anybody tell you that.  I certainly can for sure.  You need to dig in to something and actually do it yourself to get better at anything.

While experience is certainly a great teacher, those who have gone through the pitfalls of experience can help teach others as well.  Those who’ve gone through the troubles themselves can be just a valuable as a source of knowledge and wisdom as experience can.

 has gone through the turmoil of learning the SEO business.  In a You Moz blog post she has written, Skyler wants to help you out by giving out some tips and lessons she’s learned through doing.  Skyler wants to help out those who are starting out in the SEO business.

Check out her post on You Moz by following the link below.

You Moz: 10 Things Learned Over the Years Running an SEO Business