10 Tips From LinkedIn For Creators


You’re out here posting content on a number of social media platforms, and one of those platforms you’re working with is LinkedIn. But just with every other platform, you don’t want to publish just anything, you want to publish something great.

Creating great content is a wonderful asset to have, as it an ability that can allow you to create positive experiences for your potential customers and clients. Great content can compel them to comeback for more, and give you their business.

It’s your ticket to capturing your audience’s attention, which will ultimately enforce a positive brand impression.

But sometimes, coming up with great ideas for that content can e challenging.

If you want some ideas or inspiration, Danny Goodwin has come up with ten quick and easy tips to come up with topics.

Here’s a quick summary of the post:

  1. Look up common hashtags
  2. Talk about timely topics
  3. Experiment with formats and publishing times
  4. Quality over quantity
  5. Share your truth
  6. Spark conversations, and keep them going
  7. Be authentic
  8. Share Your experiences
  9. Stop overthinking content
  10. Ask for a quarter off for metrics

Check it out over here on Search Engine Land!

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