10 Top Retargeting Tips For AdWords Users

Retargeting , who was at SMX London last month, spoke at the Advanced Retargeting Strategies session and gave some great pointers for things that people should consider when retargeting via the AdWords platform.

During the session, Rebekah found that a number of people who attended her talk found these tips helpful, so she decided that she should share them with the rest of the world by making a post on Search Engine Land as well.  I will list the bare bones list of her tips here on this post, and if there are any of them that peek your interest, you can always follow the link at the bottom of this post to her original Search Engine Land tip list where she goes into more detail about each point.

Here is the core list:

  1. Utilize Dynamic Remarketing For All Verticals
  2. Start Using YouTube As A Remarketing Platform
  3. Make Use OF The Time Lag To Conversions Report
  4. Link Your AdWords Account to Your Google Play Account
  5. Consider How You Could Exclude Lists For RLSA
  6. Set Up Referrer URL Remarketing Lists
  7. Tag Up Your Email Links With Query Strings And Create Remarketing Lists From These
  8. Make Use OF Google Analytics Remarketing And Similar User Lists
  9. Test Out Smart Lists
  10. Think About Using Audience Data From Other Companies

Do any of these pointers seem like they would interest you?  Check out the link below and check out Rebekah’s entire post there!

Search Engine Land: 10 Top Retargeting Tips For AdWords Users