slideshowWhen it comes to content marketing and local SEO, there is a wide variety of types of media that businesses can use.  Out of these types, the most widely known used types include photo images and videos.

But despite the power of using these types of media can bring, there are a number of local businesses that don’t even bother to use them in order to create and share slideshow presentations on the web.

Even though other forms of content can be used around the internet in order to bring attention to the masses of your business,  slideshows can be optimized and shared to expand upon this “buzz” and bring even more attention to your brand.  Slideshows can not only bring in more than just inlinks and local citations, but slideshows can even be a great communications tool that can help  you reach more potential customers.

So even with all the efforts that is going into your local optimization efforts, and you’re wanting to go beyond images and videos, you may want to check out the post on Search Engine Land, written by , who discusses a type of media that many businesses haven’t even thought of using – the slideshow.

Check out Chris’ post on Search Engine Land with the link provided below!

Search Engine Land:  11 Tips For Using Slide Presentations For Local SEO Advantage