Google-Reconsideration-RequestTrying to remove a manual unnatural link penalty can not only be a pain in the butt to do, but it can be quite difficult as well.  Once you’ve gone through the process, you’re filled with two polar emotions: excitement and fear.  You are excited for that message to appear in Google Webmaster Tools to see if your request has been accepted, but you’re also scared that they won’t accept it.  Seeing “Manual Spam Action Revoked” or “Links to your site violate Google’s quality guidelines” is something that could honestly terrify any SEO.

The real problem is that if your reconsideration request is denied, Google doesn’t really give any you any real direction when it comes to understanding why your request was denied.  Sure, you might be lucky to get some examples, but not all the time.  Other times you won’t get any explanation at all.

There could be any number of reasons why your reconsideration request failed.  Luckily though, some of the most common mistakes that a site owner (or an SEO who lacks in experience) make when trying to lift a link-related Google penalty can be totally avoidable.

 has created a list of the top 12 most common mistakes made when submitting reconsideration requests.  Within Modestos’ list, you’ll find how you can prevent each mistake from happening.

Check out the list here on the Moz Blog: 12 Common Reasons Reconsideration Requests Fail