5-Free-WordPress-Plugins-To-Supercharge-Email-SubscribersIf your making an effort market your website or online store and you want to generate leads, there is a number of ways you can do it.  Of course social media is a great way to do so, because it’s free, and only those who are interested in what you have to say will subscribe to your channel, whether it’s Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

But we aren’t here to list all the ways you can do that.  The purpose of this post is to talk about one specific way to generate leads.  And one of the easiest and best ways to do so is building out an email list.  For the small business owner, an email list is like the holy grail.  There is certainly a great value to having an email marketing program as it can get your message out there to a good sized amount of people, all with one click of the button.

According to ExactTarget, email is the best way to deliver marketing messages.  ExactTarget’s research says that “77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email.”

Scott Gerber from Search Engine Journal has written a post that takes a look at what 12 founders from their council suggested as ways to gain more email subscribers, all without any large amounts of coding.  In order to learn about these tips on getting more email subscribers, follow the link I provided for you below to Scott’s SEJ post.

Search Engine Journal: 12 Non-Technical Tips to Get More Email Subscribers