CPC Strategy, a retail-focused digital agency, after surveyed 1,500 shoppers, forecasted that this year’s holiday season is going to see steady growth over last year’s numbers, with consumers looking for holiday discounts before the usual deals begin surfacing.

“More shoppers expect deals far before Black Friday or late in December,” says the agency’s CEO, Rick Backus, in a release announcing their 2017 Holiday Shopping Forecast report.

Based on CPC Strategy’s survey results, 35.5 percent of shoppers are going to begin shopping before Thanksgiving, and 32 percent will start before December.

When do you plan to start shopping for holiday gifts this year?

CPC Strategy notes the overwhelming popularity of Amazon’s Prime Day is probably why so many people are going to start their holiday shopping early.

72.1 percent of the participants say they will look for gifts on Amazon.  39 percent said that they’ll plan on shopping online discount retailers like Target and Walmart.

60 percent report that they’ll do holiday shopping in-store at places like Walmart and Target.  This number is still smaller than the number of shoppers reporting that they’re going to shop for gifts on Amazon.

“The truth is, retailers and brands can’t afford to rely on the tactics they’ve used every year,” says Backus. “Amazon has completely changed consumer expectations, for better or for worse.”

The driving motivator, according to CPC Strategy, for where to shop is price.  46.1 percent of survey participants claim that overall price is the leading factor when making a decision where to buy holiday gifts.

Price came in first when compared to any other decision.  Brand Quality came in second, even though 16.2 percent of shoppers claimed it would be the most likely factor to affect holiday shopping decisions.

The following graph shows which of these factors most affect your decision to shop for holiday gifts from a particular brand or retailer.

The full report can be downloaded (registration required) from CPC Strategy’s site at: 2017 US Holiday Shopping Forecasts.

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