14 Essential SEO Tips for Small Businesses – An Infographic Checklist


To this day, SEO remains crucial for small business success in 2023, even with the rise of AI like ChatGPT. Google still dominates search, so ranking high in results is vital for visibility and traffic.

That’s why the team from SEMRush has compiled this infographic checklist of 14 essential SEO tips tailored for SMBs. Following these best practices will help optimize your website and content for keywords your customers are searching.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve existing efforts, these actionable recommendations from our SEO experts will set you on the path to higher rankings. With focus on keywords, content, technical site health, and more, this infographic has you covered on SEO foundations.

Don’t leave website visibility to chance – follow these tips to start climbing in search this year! The checklist format makes it easy to know exactly what to prioritize first. Let’s dive in and start applying these small business SEO essentials.

You can read more on the SEMRush blog.

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