video-ad-networkWhen you think of your top favorite form of visual media, the first thing you’ll think of might be movies, television series, or perhaps maybe even video games.  But have you ever thought about video ads?  Probably not.

But even so, there has got to be some commercials out there that people just love for their own reasons.  These ads tend to be ones that have some connection with the viewer, or has some emotional impact with them.  Personally, I’ve always enjoyed watching the Budweiser commercials, the ones with the clydesdales.

If you can recall a great commercial like this, the one that really sticks with you, then the marketing campaign of these businesses was a success.  This is why brands spend millions every year on video content to promote their products and services.

In a Marketing Land post, written by , a list of video ads have been compiled to show what are the favorite video ads by CMOs.  Not only does it list CMO favorites, but it also gives us the reasons why they like the ads they chose.

Check out the post now by following the link below and discovering some video ad favorites!

Marketing Land: 15 Awesome Video Ads Big Brand CMOs Loved