19 Tips For A Powerful Marketing Message


When it comes to marketing, one of the most important things to remember is to create a message that really resonates with your clients and customers. After all, your clients are being bombarded with constant noise from your competition about how they can help out with their problems.

You need to be able to be heard with a captivating message that speaks directly to the needs of your ideal client, which will strengthen your connection to them. This is why a solid, powerful message is needed to get that competitive edge over your the competition.

In this video, John Lincoln, a digital marketing expert, will cover 19 strategies you can try to create the most powerful marketing message, including:

  1. Align with the goals of your customers
  2. Dive deep into your target market
  3. Research your competitors’ messaging
  4. Know your audience’s problems inside and out
  5. Write as people talk
  6. Create an emotional connection
  7. Present yourself as the solution to the problem
  8. Put more time into your headlines
  9. Give an invaluable offer
  10. Try some humor
  11. Showcase your uniqueness
  12. Employ different messaging and creative for different channels
  13. Tell an authentic brand story 14. Define brand personality
  14. Market in the moment
  15. Create a sense of urgency
  16. Be persuasive with your language
  17. Consider customer stories and testimonials
  18. Keep it personal

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