When it comes to PPC, sooner or later, account performance will take a downturn.  When that day finally comes, you’ve got to be prepared to deal with the consequences of performance not meeting expectations.  The consequences might range from stakeholders losing trust in your abilities to being given ultimatums to “fix performance or else.”  One of the worst things that could happen is that your client brings in somebody else to take over the paid search program you’ve spent so much time and effort building.

It can be stressful when experiencing performance downturns, and can put you on the defensive.  But if you have a solid methodology for responding when performance is bad, it can help instill confidence that you have what you need to turn a negative performance situation into a positive one.

An Search Engine Land post written by  discusses a two-step methodology for confronting underperformance in a way that helps you garner trust with your stakeholders and instill confidence in your ability to manage PCC accounts through the hard times.

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