search-engine-marketing-social-thumbnail-largeIt’s almost upon us.  The end of they year.  It’s going to be 2014 in only a matter of a few days.  Are you prepared?

 has been writing a three part series he calls his annual SEO Playbook.  This post will link you to the third and final part of his playbook series, although, I’ll provide you with the first two parts right now.

In Part One, you’ll see that it deals mainly with Hummingbird and what it means to marketers in the next year, mainly in the sense of content and authority.  With his Second Part, we will take an updated look at on-page SEO factors, including content, HTML and architecture.

But as I said, this particular post deals with the final part, Part Three of his SEO playbook.  In his post, Tom will talk about off-page factors that SEOs are going to need to consider as we move on into 2014.

So, without further adieu, here is the link you can follow to read up on his playbook post for SEO!