2014 SEO Roadmap: Adopting Semantic Markup

How google s semantic search will change seo 84bf99485aBoy, how far Google has come as a search engine.  Before, it was a simple device that tried its best to pair keywords that the user entered into the query box and then match it up with matching keywords found on other sites.  Now, with all the changes that we’ve seen over the last year or so, things have really been changed.  How we search will be different.  The way we get our information will change.  SEO will be different as a result of it.

Now, instead of focusing on keywords, we’re focusing on something far greater.  Google has moved past keywords, and moved into the realm of concepts and queries.  Google now is trying to understand the “meaning” behind content and queries instead of doing basic keyword matches between entered text and website context.

As I said, because of all these changes, SEO will be changed forever.  It seems that one of the more recurring themes among SEO is the new application for, as well as the focus, on semantic SEO.  In this year, as well as the last, it seems that structured data markup was an important part of many SEO marketers strategy.  In fact, the implication or expanded use of structured data markup is something that marketers will focus on greatly in 2014.

 has written an article called 2014 SEO Roadmap: Adopting Semantic Markup, and in it, Mitul discusses SEO semantics, such as will it improve a user’s experience with your brand, helping to improve your bottom line,  and how search engines will handle search and search results in the future.

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