mobileSince the late 90’s, mobile has been growing at a steady rate since mobile became a big consumer thing.  Every year, there were those who felt that that year was the year of mobile, but that prediction never truly came to fruition.  But it seems that 2014 may have actually made a big dent, leaving it’s mark on the minds of everybody.    Apple released Apple Pay, Walmart launched their own app, and NFC got what was coming to them after being included in the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Mobile usage of social media finally overtook desktop usage.  Instagram grew to over 300 million active users.  Now, the number of people using smartphones has reached 1.75 billion.  That’s a lot of people using smartphones.

If this momentum keeps up, can you imagine what 2015 will be like?  Well,  has compiled a list of of ten experts that discuss what they think will happen to mobile in 2015.  It’ll be interesting to see how accurate these predictions are at this time next year.

So with no further adieu, here is the link to the post that has all of the predictions, so go check them out!

Marketing Land: 2015 Mobile/Location-Based Marketing Predictions From 10 Experts