What is The Future of Guest BloggingGuest blogging can be a great way to capture links, if done correctly.  Plus, it can mean more content for your website.  But in this industry, and with the whole business of search engines like Google coming down on guest blogging, it never hurts to find other ways to build links for your site.

Luckily, we, as an industry, have gotten better at not relying completely on guest posting as the only way to get links, at least for the most part.  This means that there has to be other ways to get your links out there that can help you gain more exposure for your site.

But what are they?   has written a post on Search Engine Land that gives us 21 link building ideas that we all could use.  All the ideas she lists in his post are all pretty vague, but this is a good thing.  This way, you can take them and add your own twist to them, making them all you own.

To check out Erin’s post and her list, go forth and check out her post on Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Land: 21 Link Building Ideas That Have Nothing To Do With Guest Posting