22 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2022

Digital marketing trends are constantly changing, and each year comes with brand new trends in digital marketing. In order to keep with all these new trends, you need to be proactive and plan your strategies ahead of time.

The following IgniteVisibility video gives you 22 different strategies you can use in order to make it through 2022.

22 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2022:

  1. Video Funnels
  2. Long Form Educational Email Automation
  3. Short Form High Impact Viral Videos
  4. Niche Industry Studies on Customer Pain Points
  5. Unique Industry Events
  6. Niche Targeted Funnels
  7. 360 Retargeting
  8. It’s a Secret . . . What Not to Do
  9. Community Engagement
  10. Dynamic Ads
  11. Dynamic Landing Pages
  12. Personalization
  13. Mission Driven
  14. Micro Ad Mapping
  15. Database to Ad Mapping
  16. Keyword Universe SEO
  17. Position #1 SEO
  18. Content Mapping to a Specific Model
  19. Text and Email Integration
  20. Best In – Class Website
  21. Best In – Class Social Media
  22. Influencer Marketing