In a recent study featured on Visual Objects, it was shown that almost a quarter of small business owners believe visual content is highly effective.

Almost a quarter of small business owners agree that its their most effective content created in the last year.

Visual Objects is a sister website of Clutch and The Manifest, which shows how businesses publish website content in 2019.

There was over 500 small businesses that were surveyed for this study, and the results can give others guidance for small businesses to maximize their content creation efforts.

Here are some other key highlights from the study.

Small business website content in 2019

A recurring theme throughout the study is the emphasis on publishing new content regularly.

Right now, about three-quarters of small businesses (74%) publish website content monthly.

Small businesses are able to publish content more frequently when they have larger teams available. 83% of businesses with over 50 employees publish at least monthly.

Only 35% of small businesses with 50 or fewer employees say they can publish new content on a regular basis.

When small business owners were asked what types of content they publish, these were their responses:

  • Company information – 67%
  • Visuals – 58%
  • Product descriptions – 51%
  • Reviews – 43%
  • Videos – 42%
  • Blog posts – 30%
  • Podcasts – 11%

The types of content small businesses plan to invest in this year include:

  • Visuals – 55%
  • Videos – 42%
  • Articles and blog posts – 33%
  • Downloadable content – 22%
  • Podcasts – 17%

For more information, see the full study here.

SourceMatt Southern