It’s it amazing that Bing Ads can finally use scripts?  It’s going to be incredibly helpful to people who manage Bing Ads large or multiple campaigns.  Scripts are a powerful tool that utilizes JavaScript coding that can alter or report on pretty much anything with your paid search account.  Everything that you would normally do manually these scripts can do automatically every single day.  Scripts can literally save you time to do other things.

You don’t have to be an expert coder with Scripts.  You simply have to get comfortable making minor tweaks, edits and customizations to scripts that the experts write.

Both Google Ads Scripts and Bing Ads Scripts are both JavaScript base routines that are able to make changes to and report on almost everything within your paid search account.  They’re able to read from external sources, and in most cases, can write to external data sources, such as websites Google sheets, APIs or databases.  What ever a PPC expert can do, scripts can pretty much do the same, except they are customizable and can be automated to do it more consistently and faster without making mistakes.

But there are some key differences in functionality between Bing Ads Scripts and Google Ads Scripts that are pretty important to know.

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