How 3 Very Different Brands Succeed on YouTube

Youtube YouTube is obviously a very popular site for streaming video content to users.  For the last few years, YouTube has been used more creatively since its inception in early 2005, such as ventures into video marketing.

Your more typical video on YouTube can be entertaining to watch, but many people won’t stand for watching a commercial or a promotion for a product or service.  It seems a bit more confusing why somebody would be willing to watch a video that was made specifically to be a marketing ploy.

But surprisingly, there are brands out there that have done such a thing….and succeeded.  MatthewY, a contributor for Moz.com has stated in a recent post  that there are brands that have come out on top on YouTube and has remained popular in the long run.  Three of these brands are:

These three brands are all completely different, and have all succeeded all in totally different ways.  In Mathew’s post, he is going to look at how each channel has their own approach to presenting their products and producing content for their marketing on YouTube.

Check out the post here: How 3 Very Different Brands Succeed on YouTube