Fast sites are an important thing to have, since a fast site is rewarded with improved search engine optimization (SEO).  These types of sites have the ability to drive both more visits and ultimately conversions.  The more people who visits your site will lead to more sales, signups or traffic in general.

But with the positives, come the negatives.  The opposite to fast sites are slow sites, which suffer from lack of sales, sign-ups and traffic in general.

After users have reached that 3 second threshold, many of them will begin leaving before the page eve loads, many more will bounce, and your conversion rate will drop like a rock, which isn’t very good for business.

On a good note though, auditing page speed is pretty painless.  In most cases, this can be accomplished with free and easy to use tools.  But there isn’t any single tool that really gives us a complete end-to-end analysis.   put together a guide of his favorite free page-speed tools and how to use them.  By using these three tools together, you’ll get a better understanding of real-world performance and optimization opportunities.

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