There are three features that Google discussed that was aimed at helping advertisers reach new customers with Display campaigns in a Tuesday blog post.

  1. Dynamic prospecting with product feeds
  2. Fine-tuned audience expansion
  3. Auto-generated custom intent segments

Dynamic prospecting with product feeds was announced recently.  This feature is similar to Facebook, but opposed to showing product ads based on what visitors viewed on your site, dynamic prospect ads show products based on people’s past interactions on Google and publisher sites in Google’s network.  According to Google, machine learning is deployed to evaluate product performance from your feed and match products determined to be most relevant to users’ interests and most likely to generate conversions.    If you want to enable dynamic prospecting, just link a product feed to a Display campaign.

The Targeting expansion option is available under campaign settings and can be used to increase audience reach “to drive more conversions at the same average cost-per-acquisition (CPA).”  The idea behind this expansion is to save advertisers the time of increasing bids to maximize budget toward the end of a budget or campaign cycle.  There’s now a slider tool that can be used to increase or decrease reach.  It shows weekly impression estimates as the setting is adjusted.

For several years now, audiences have been encroaching in on the importance of keyword selection, specifically in Display campaigns.  Google automatically creates and refreshes custom intent audiences based on some of the most common keywords and URLs in content that people view when looking into a product or service as well as the existing audience targeting in your account.

“By using these segments, like local goods or electronics, you don’t have to manage hundreds or even thousands of keywords to reach the right customers,” said Tris Warkentin, Display ads product manager in the blog post.  These generated audiences can be a good option for newer or resource-crunched advertisers. Auto-created custom intent audiences are now available in English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, and Italian.

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