3 Reasons To Love The Google Display Network

Google display network So what is the Google Display Network?  In a nutshell, this is a passive form of advertising when compared to the more active Search Network, and still reaches 90 percent of online users via millions of websites.  As an example, when you use the Search Network, you’ll be actively search for a specific something.  But Google Display Network ads comes into play when you are casually browsing websites.

So because Google Display Network (GDN) is much more passive then the Search Network, there is the thought process that the paid search community that the GDN via AdWord isn’t really all that effective.  Many believe that this form of advertising isn’t nearly as targeted as the Search Network, and thus, a waste of money.

But before many of you write off the GDN, there are a number of situations today where it can come in handy.   is here to share three separate ways the GDN is able to significantly support your paid search program.  So perhaps, after reading her post on Search Engine Land, maybe you’ll reconsider using the GDN.  After all, even the GDN needs some love.

Check out Pauline’s post by checking the following link and maybe there won’t be as much non-love for the GDN.

Search Engine Land: 3 Reasons To Love The Google Display Network *Really!)