Google AdWordsNo matter what you do or say, writing your own AdWords Scripts can be pretty interesting, if not scary.  You could take so much care to be sure that your script runs the way it’s supposed to run, and hope for the best.  But yet, no matter how careful you are with your programming, there is usually going to be something that goes wrong.

As an example, when your code attempts to call to other APIs, that’s a problem.  What if those APIs fail or disappear?  Now your code has nothing to call to and it fails.  What if it relies on a spreadsheet?  That spreadsheet could have any number of issues with it that could break your hard worked on AdWords Script.

It seems like no matter how perfect the script itself is, there will always be external things that can clog up the works.  But there’s a silver lining to this entire situation.  There are safeguards that you can create that will allow you to isolate yourself from these issues.  With safeguards in place, you’ll be notified quickly so that you can respond with a swiftness that will make lesser SEOs dizzy.

This is where  comes in.  Russell has found three simple ways that will let us safeguard the hard work we’ve done, and keep them running smoothly.  He’s put these techniques in a Search Engine Land post, and you can check them out by following the link I’ve provided below.

Search Engine Land: 3 Simple Techniques to Insulate Your AdWords Scripts and Keep Them Running Smoothly