SEO-toolsIn SEO, it seems that no matter how much you know about it, no matter how much of an ‘expert’ you may be in the industry, the knowledge you have about it now isn’t always going to work for you for ever.  SEO is one of those industries that seems to always change, always has something new and different happening to it.

With all the changes and that the industry has and is going through on a regular basis, it’s understandable if not everybody who works in it is confident about their PPC strategy.  All the things you have been doing to optimize your site and your campaigns may not be as effective now as they were a month ago.

With all the new opportunities that will allow you to improve your performance, which one of them should you try focusing on and prioritizing?

 had spoken recently at iSummit 2014, which took place in Orlando, and shared three different PPC optimizations that a marketer will be able to implement immediately and see some pretty big improvements in the performance of their campaign.

In Larry’s post on Search Engine Land, he will give the rest of us who didn’t attend iSummit the three optimization techniques that can end up with a huge impact on your campaigns.  Give them a try!  Follow the link below to check them out.

Search Engine Land: 3 Small Paid Search Optimizations With Huge Impact