3 Steps to Identify Blog Topics that are Relevant to Your Audience

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Writers-blockWriters block sucks.  Everybody has had it, so you know what it’s like to have it.  The only thing that sucks more than writers block is having it when you know you have a blog post to write, and you know that the deadline of your post is coming up.  This situation can be quite frustrating and stressful.  Sure, there are days when ideas just fall in to your lap, such as reviews and news  bits, but that isn’t always the case.  There are those days when nothing is happening, no trends to speak of, no reviews to write.  What do you do then?

Regardless of how experiences a writer you are.  You’re still human.  Ideas can still be hard to come by.  There are those days when writing on a relevant and exciting topic can just out of reach.  You have all the data you need to write, but the inspiration just isn’t there.  But there is a way to get that inspiration.  You just need to ask the right questions.  The core part of what you need to find something awesome to write about is pretty much right under your nose!  Your audience is where it’s at!  All it takes is a little poking and prodding of your audience, and you’re on your way to writing some great blog posts, deadlines be damned!

Aleyda Solis has written a post for Moz about how you can overcome writers block by using a simple process that is repeatable, applicable to any industry you want, and scalable as well.  Did we mention that it’s pretty easy too?

You can check up on Aleyda’s post on the Moz Blog by following the link below!

Moz Blog: 3 Steps To Identify Blog Topics That Are Relevant To Your Audience

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