retargetingBefore we go any where in this post, who can tell me what retargeting is?  Anybody?  That’s right!  It’s the process of tagging visitors who visit your website, so that you can target them later in an effort to bring them back to your site with a variety of ads tailored to their level of interest across an advertising network.

Retargeting is becoming more widely used and understood as of late.  At first, retargeting could have been seen as a bit creepy, as it wasn’t used correctly and gave people the willies when they got intrusive messaging.

But with some time, and experience, many early adopters have gotten the hang of the retargeting system, and they are doing quite well.   has run across some great benefits to  using retargeting.  For him and his company, it has helped them get back in front of people who already knew them, and showed some interest in what they were selling.

Check out Larry’s full column on Search Engine Land by following the link below.

Column: 3 Surprising Benefits of Retargeting


3 Surprising Benefits Of Retargeting