3 Unique Areas To Explore When Hiring A PPC Agency

Ppc blocks When it comes to PPC, we all know it’s a very competitive area of SEO.  There are a variety of credibility badges that agencies present during the sales process, include audits, case studies, client testimonials, technology, and more.  Despite the fact it’s always good that agencies are providing this information, that doesn’t make them special, since all other agencies are providing this same information.

For , who has overseen the sale process and gone on to manage accounts, he’s contended that there are three missing areas of conversation that could instill in clients more confidence, and hold agencies more accountable for their actions.

These three missing areas include:

  1. Overcoming poor performance
  2. Analyzing the agency case studies
  3. Having a passion for paid search

In Matt’s post on Marketing Land that lists these three areas, he goes into more detail about them, knowing that it all comes down to transparency during the sales process.  Check out Matt’s post by following the Marketing Land link provided below.

Marketing Land: 3 Unique Areas To Explore When Hiring A PPC Agency