3 Ways B2B Search Marketers Can Stand Out With Rich Ad Formats

Esurance yahoo search results 41 Why is it that when we compare regular consumers to B2B customers, we see a difference between the two?  Unlike regular consumers, who can purchases online with smaller consequences (good or bad), B2B customers have a lot more to  lose.  Since signing a contract for a purchase or solution could spell the difference between success and failure of a company, the purchase cycle for the B2B customers can take longer to fulfill.

Paid search is critical to close the look on the sail or lead when the B2B client is ready.  But, what if all  you see in the search engine results is a mess of text ads and organic listing?  It can be pretty difficult for the  B2B marketer to stand out and say, “I’m here!  Choose me!”

In a Search Engine Land piece called 3 Ways B2B Search Marketers Can Stand Out With Rich Ad Formats written by , rich ad formats is being toted as the key to success.  Katherine gives three richer formats that B2B marketers can use that will set them apart from the competition.