What Are 3 Ways To Improve Link Equity Distribution And Capture Missed Opportunities?

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In The SEO community, there is quite a bit of talk in regards to link building.  The process of link building can be quite tedious and time-consuming.  The thing is, link building is even more difficult now more than ever as the web grows in its demands of higher and higher standards for the quality of content.

Despite that, few SEOs are discussing how to better utilize what they already have.  There’s almost an obsession with trying to build more and more links without even trying to understand how equity is currently interacting with the website.  Although additional links may help you rank better overall, your efforts could still be in vain if you’re only recouping a small portion of the equity.  A lot of that work you put into link-building would be wasted.

There is a big opportunity for a number of websites to improve upon the link equity that has already been established.  The best part about this s that these issues can be addressed internally, as opposed to link building, which usually requires third-party involvement.  Chris Long has a post that he has written where he lists some of his favorite ways to reclaim lost link value.

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Source – Chris Long

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