seo1The search industry isn’t what it used to be.  Those days where simpler days.  Easier days.  But now, we are seeing more and more complexity in the local search industry.  The role of search agencies are becoming more critical by the day.  But, local search is pretty dang confusing for many local business owners.

Because things are getting more crazy with local search, the demand for local search services have risen.  This means that more and more SEO specialists are able to get in more work time in because more small business  need them.  But there’s a problem.

With the increased demand of SEO services, why is it that many of them are earning less than $30,000 a year, all while working hard just to keep the clients they have happy?

Why is this happening?

 has written a column on Search Engine Land about his theory on why quite a number of SEO’s aren’t making as much as you’d think.  Below, you’ll find a link that you can follow that will lead you to the full article that Myles has written on the subject.

Follow the link here to read the full article: