SEO-MistakesGetting your site penalized can suck.  After all, when you’re working hard to optimize your website, the last thing you want is a search engine to turn around and penalize you.  But it can still happen, due to little things you may have accidentally overlooked.  Penalties can happen through black-hat techniques (in that case, who would blame the search engines for handing your site a penalty?) or even though (ironically) SEO mistakes.

 has seen four different mistakes happen recently, even though sites that got penalties handed to them had made an honest attempt to follow SEO best practices. Even though they did their best to follow these best practices, they still got in trouble.

So the question is, why would websites that have been optimized with the best intentions still be penalized?  Neil promises to tell us exactly what happened.

In his post, Neil will, as explained above, four mistakes that can be made, no matter how honest you might be when optimizing for search engines.  The examples he gives are all based on real-life experience, so he isn’t pulling them out of thin air.  The points he makes are tied to real life ranking problems and are connected to a real-life online business, although Neil has excluded or changed company details as to protect their identities.

So check out Neil’s article on Search Engine Land by following the link below and take them into consideration when optimizing your website!

Search Engine Land: 4 Easy & Honest SEO Mistakes That Could Penalize Your Site