local businessesIn SEO, having the right content is important.  Not only is having the right content important, but knowing the right place and time to put that content can help elevate your website’s search positioning and increase your local business’s conversions.

We know that getting your brand in front of your customers is a leading concept behind inbound marketing.  And if you aren’t getting your brand in front of others, then the simple fact is that you’re in trouble, especially when we’re looking at a local business where multiple competitors are competing with you in close proximity.

Ultimately, when trying to advertise, you want to increase your local search visibility, but the strategies that determine what content your audience is seeking are constantly being discovered.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much awesome content you create if it isn’t being seen by your audience, or if they are uninterested in that content.  If that’s the case, all that time and energy you spent creating that content was completely wasted and won’t help increase your positioning.

Awesome content that is being sought out by your audience can help secure visibility for highly searched keywords, which in turn will generate linkable content, and increase new visitors tothe site.  In the end, this will help boost your rankings.

Following are some often-overlooked strategies for obtaining insight into what your audience is searching on and interested in:

  1. Researching competitors. What ideas am I missing?
  2. Personalizing content. How am I appealing to my audience on a local level?
  3. Identifying and pursuing low-hanging fruit. What small changes will make a big impact?
  4. Utilizing native advertising. Is my content engaging?

Planning a content strategy using these four strategies can help a business elevate positioning in local search.