495802bbWhen you are doing online marketing, what’s the one thing you really are trying to get to happen?  You’re trying to get people to do something on your site, correct?  That something could be completing a purchase, completing a form, downloading something, subscribing.  That’s the entire goal of any marketer.

Whether something is happening or not on your site, you’ll know about it by looking at the data within your analytics.  If you aren’t getting the reactions you want form your site, you can easily see that lack of interaction.

  • High bounce rates and exit percentages
  • Low conversion rates
  • Low revenue per visit
  • High acquisition costs

These four things are what we would call low converting web page problems.  There is no clear cut way to find out exactly what’s wrong with these particular pages, so what do you do to figure it out?   has written a post for Marketing Land that, using science talk, will help you find out what’s going on with your low scoring pages.

Check out Brian’s page by following the link below.

Marketing Land: 4 Elemental Problems With Low Converting Web Pages