4 Lessons From A Year of Mozcast Data

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MozcastWhew.  It’s been quite the year, with all of the big updates that Google has been releasing to their algorithms.  Because of that, it’s also been a big year for all the SEOs who get to live under Google’s ever changing algorithm changes.  It’s been pretty crazy.

Here’s an idea!  We’ve been looking at all the changes going on with Google as individual steps as the search engine has been putting out separate updates every few months.  What if, instead of looking at all these algorithm updates as individual pieces, we take a step back and look at all the cumulative changes over the past  year as a whole.  That’s what Ben Morel wants to do in his article on Moz, 4 Lessons From A Year of Mozcast Data.

In his article, Ben asked four questions and analysed a full years worth of Mozcast data to find the answers.  But, what are the answers, you ask?  Follow the link below to Moz, and find out:

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