content-marketingRecently, the idea of content has been making its rounds in the world of SEO and I don’t think it’s going to stop any time soon.  More specifically, content personalization is a big thing for digital marketers.  Now, a number of people are now beginning to  understand how they can put the idea of content personalization into practice.

Originally, when you looked at a personalized website (that is, one that displays content or a different layout depending on the visitor) certainly required a big of elbow grease.  But with all of the new tools and technology that we have available to us, marketers are able to implement this kind of personalized content much easier.  But what’s the best approach to doing this?  There are a number of choices for doing this.

A columnist for Marketing Land, , has gathered some general steps and guidelines that you can follow that will let you design a program that’s both manageable, as well as helping you meet your important goals.

To check out Rachel’s step-by-step plan to deploy personalized content on your site, or your company’s site, follow the link below.

Marketing Land: 4 Steps To Successful Content Personalization