4 Things You Need to Know when Testing Emails

Bigstock test word on white keyboard 27134336 Testing is always the norm in SEO and marketing.  Whether you’re trying out some new ads for Google or Bing, emails, or social media posts, testing is the best way to figure the most effective and efficient way of doing things.

If you’re testing your email subject lines, you’re taking a step in the right direction towards better results from your email marketing.  Varying the way you do your subject lines will help determine how you can write them up in future emails for higher conversions down the road.

Back in January, Moz asked everybody to help them run an experiment with the Marketing Experiments Blog testing the effectiveness of different email subject lines, and now, it looks like the results are in!  In the Moz post, Danger Zones: 4 Things You Need To Know When Testing Emails, written by , they’ll discuss the test test methodology and the winning submission.

Not only does the post talk about that, but Annette goes over some of the common pitfalls and danger zones when it comes to email subject line testing.  Are you measuring the right thing?  Why should you track clicks if the subject lines are influencing just open rates?  These are some of the things Annette talks about in her post!

If you want to check out more, just follow the link below to read more!

Moz Blog: Danger Zones: 4 Things You Need To Know When Testing Emails