Shit-Hits-Fan-Source-various-via-Google-ImagesAs an SEO marketer, making client deals should be fairly straight forward.  You meet with the client, talk with them, hand over a contract for them to sign, and off you go to make their website rank higher in the search engines, give them more exposure, and allow more customers to see what that business has to offer.  But, what if, even if you know what the client NEEDS, you try delivering something that the client doesn’t want?  Well, that could make fools out of everybody.

Stoney DeGayter wrote an article on Search Engine Land based on his experience with this situation.  After that horrible SEO mishap, he learned from the experience.  In an article Stoney wrote entitled 4 Ways To Avoid An SEO Disaster Of Monumental Proportions, he hopes that you learn from his mistakes.

Following is the link to the article:

Are there any other tips you would give somebody who have made SEO mistakes in the past?  What can we all take away from past experiences that didn’t go so well?