When it comes to using images for your website, you want to be careful what you use.  It is easy to accidentally use an image that is not public domain.  The internet is full of them, after all.  If you’re using a copyrighted image on your site that you never got permission to use, it can cause quite a headache if the owner of these images finds out it’s being used.

So you realize that it’s a good idea to start using stock photos.  But, you aren’t sure where to go to find them.  Fortunately, free photo websites have been popping up everywhere lately, giving you a plethora of options to find that perfect image you want to utilize for your website.

What’s even better, you won’t have to spend hours searching around online to find these websites.  A large list of stock image sites has been compiled by Mindy Wienstein of Market MindShift and has posted them in a Search Engine Journal post.

To check out the list, you can follow the link below and get all those sweet, sweet stock images!

[Read here for the full post on Search Engine Journal]

Source – Mindy Wienstein